Practicum Week 3:

Hard Week and Hard Lessons

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start off the week as Barry asked me to tag along on a client’s photoshoot on Grouse Mountain. We made our way up around 10 AM to meet the rest of the crew and talents where the shoot was well under way. There were 2 models, both wearing brightly coloured jackets and shiny new snow gear. Both models were incredibly good at faking laughter and smiles during the shoot but don’t worry, they’re actually really nice to talk to off the shoot as well. I was tasked with manning the lights and had to follow the main cameraman to further illuminate and blind the subjects. Because the sun was so bright, I started to sweat lots while holding the heavy lighting equipment and staying as still as I could for a long time, it also didn’t help that I was wearing all black. After the shoot was done, we made our way down the mountain and went our separate ways while Barry and I returned to the studio.

The team about to head home after the shoot.

Now, the rest of the week for me was the perfect storm of stress, anxiety and fear. Everyone at the office had Covid-19 on their minds constantly as we prepared the office in case we have to work remotely. Most of the time, it was a balancing act between trying to make a good impression at work and worrying about the virus which drains me completely by the end of the day. At the studio, we all did what we could to practice good hygiene and the agency partner, Pat, did all the organizing and planning for the worst case scenario. Her leadership and organization were impeccable and I was made sure not to be left out in the emergency plan, which I sincerely appreciated.

Behind the scene shoot.

Scary virus aside, here’s what I did this week at the studio. I continued to work on an identity development project for a client and we had a meeting on Thursday to review the concepts developed by the design team. During the meeting, it was very much like a critique in school with an instructor (in this case, the art director) and your classmates (co-workers) as we walked around the room looking at our print-outs that we’ve pasted on the walls. During the discussion, I couldn’t express my ideas clearly as I was super nervous and shy (it’s a tough shell to break out of, and it has always been the bane of my existence) and I didn’t say much while discussing other ideas pitched by other designers. Going forward, I have to learn to be more conscientious about my decision making so that I can discuss my design decisions better with my colleagues. In these unstable times, I’m curious to see how things transpire within the next few days. Until next time!


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