Practicum Week 4:

Working From Home

So the studio decided to execute the quarantine plan and had all the staff come in on Monday to gather our things as we prepared to go remote the next day. The studio has a server with all the project files that everyone can have access to via the VPN, except for me since I’m a practicum student who isn’t working there full-time. I was nervous about not having access to the server but I’m currently working on one project and won’t be needing much access to the server anyway. So I just downloaded all the working files, linked images and fonts into my hard drive to bring it home.

First day of working remotely was a somewhat frustrating start, as the files I downloaded from the server had a hard time getting along with my older version of the Adobe Suite on my Macbook. After an hour or two of wrestling with my computer, I managed to get my files ready for work. We kept in touch with everyone on Slack and Pat made sure to check in with us every morning to make sure everyone has something to do for the rest of the day. Despite the current crisis, our studio is still very busy with a steady stream of projects coming down the line from our clients.

Working from home can feel a lot like being in school (well...I’m technically still in school) since we are all so familiar with doing homework. Except if we don’t get things done, we disappoint our boss which has real and grave consequences and that’s so much worse than letting down your instructor (if that’s not already bad enough).  I like to think of this as a freelance working experience where you have complete control of your daily schedule….as long as you have something to show by the end of the day.

I’m still working on the same project where I had to develop several logos and creative strategies (moodboard showcasing the overall “look” of the brand). After the conference call with the design team, I realized that I’ve been working on this project on my own for too long and I haven't considered many other options of exploration. So that was a nice wake up call and I got lots of useful feedback that I can move forward with. First week of quarantine down, hope you all are staying sane and healthy!


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