Practicum Week 5:

In My Ivory Tower

I’d like to start off this blog by thanking our sponsor, Skillshare (just kidding…that’d be real nice, though, hit me up if you’re reading this Skillshare!). Since the project I’ve been dealing with has a lot of typography involved in the word mark, I’ve decided to sign up for a Skillshare course on creating custom typography by Aaron Draplin. As I was working on this “real-world” project (which I can’t say what it is because of NDA), I subconsciously gave myself restrictions and was worried about the word mark being too funky or flamboyant and that it wouldn’t fit with the client’s brief. My biggest takeaway from Draplin’s classes is to TRY THINGS OUT, repeat after me, TRY THINGS OUT. In the development stage, it’s important that you play and explore the relationships between letters and pay special attention to negative space as that’s where many opportunities lie. That class really got my brain going and I was sketching like mad and my Illustrator file was clogged up with so many artboards that my computer was begging for mercy from processing such a big file.

Also, this week was Barry’s birthday. Everyone at the office surprised him in a Zoom call, but the gag is that we forgot to invite Barry to the chat. So that was hilarious. Since I’m isolated and lonely, I’ve been calling my parents a lot as well as catching up with my friends abroad. I got to catch up with my friend from Germany and we talked and complained about how much it sucks right now to be starting a new chapter in our lives (he’s also graduating this year and will be looking for jobs right after). 

Barry's birthday cake! Heather had to describe the taste and the texture through the camera, it was very wholesome

On Friday, I got to check in with Barry and Judy on how my practicum is going. Since I was working remotely, Barry was unable to evaluate me on things like my file building, presentation skills, and that I could be doing in the studio. Nonetheless, I’m doing well and have nothing to worry about, according to him. I’m still trying to push myself and accept any task thrown my way (although they were few and I’m mostly working on the same project for now). See you next week!

My home office.


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