Practicum Week 6:

The Show Must Go On

This is the week before our graduation show but with the current situation, it has been canceled. But fret not, we’ve moved the whole event online! With our grad show looming, it’s a constant reminder that I only have 2 weeks left of practicum left and since I only work 4 days of the week, that’s only 8 days for me to learn all I can. While not much happened this week besides picking away at the same project, my anxiety peaked and my motivation has been at an all time low. The news of our grad show being canceled finally got to me (after weeks of repressing it) and I felt that all the work that we’ve done has been wasted. While our grad show reel can be salvaged to be put on the website, I still felt awful and sad. With my attitude sucking the way it is, I’ve had to push myself even harder to get things done. I started with writing every task I have to do that day into my planner, no matter how small. I find that if I finish the smaller tasks, that gives me more motivation to get more things done and would eventually move on to bigger tasks at hand. For the tasks that I’ve finished, I’d give myself a nice check mark, and for the tasks I didn’t do I’ll cross it out as a reminder of the things I’ve failed to complete (there were lots of things crossed out rather than checked). By the time Friday came around, I was rushing to finalize my portfolio website and I managed to get it done over the weekend and that was the proudest moment for me thus far. Signing off and until next time.


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