Practicum Week 7:

To The Finish Line

This is the week that we debut our online grad show! How does it work you ask? Well, each grad has our own grad show reels and bios on the website and the viewers have the option to meet us via zoom video call from 12 to 2pm. We expected to have low expectations and this is more for us to show that we’re a resilient bunch and we can adapt to anything thrown at us. Afterwards, I felt really sad since this is supposed to be the “big hurrah”, I felt that we were at the end of our IDEA journey but there was nobody waiting at the finish line since everybody is at home, self-isolating (As they should be). What’s nice was that we got to chat with our instructors and they gave us a fabulous boost of morale and I’ve received support from Barry (my practicum supervisor) and If Communications team as well. 

After I’m done moping about the grad show, it was back to work because I’m not done with my practicum just yet. So what happened was that Barry had me come up with concepts for an internal project which will be the studio’s social media campaign to thank our healthcare and essential workers. Initially, I struggled to come up with good ideas since I was so demoralized, but I pulled through and got an idea approved. That was enough spark to motivate me further. This project ended up becoming something I really enjoy and I was given a lot of freedom and was left to work on my own most of the time. Barry even told me that this is an opportunity to work with a rather open brief without much restriction and I was totally okay with that. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about the project being appropriate for a client, I just have to worry about the art director’s vision and feedback. 

The concept behind this project is that each hospitals is a "team" what you can cheer on.

Before I got my ideas approved, I worried that theBarry wouldn’t like any of my ideas. When I pitched the ideas, I tried to really sell and think through my rationale when presenting my ideas. What I learned is to trust my vision and that the feedback I’ll receive will only help me to further develop those ideas further. That’s it for this week, ciao!


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