Hi, I'm Mann.

Design and illustration is what I do and here are the things I made!

Tokyo 80

Citypop Music Festival

Created for a music festival featuring 1980’s Japanese pop artists. The illustrations are inspired by the style of manga from the decade when Japan’s economy was booming and Tokyoites were in full party mode.


CBD Infused Tea

Bottled tea targeting stressed students and young professionals that features CBD extract from cannabis, allowing them to relax without getting high.

Camp Otter

Outdoor School

A west coast outdoor education program for urban children aged 5 to 12. The program’s outings and camping trips instill a sense of adventure, help campers get in touch with nature, and teach life skills.

The Underbelly

BBQ and Grill Restaurant

Developed for a BBQ restaurant that caters to unapologetic carnivores. Menu pages stack together to complete the illustration, which features all the fresh ingredients on offer.

A Little About Me

Mann Chalermwat is a designer and illustrator who speaks two languages, has one false tooth and believes that play is an integral part of the design process. The best ideas come when he's having fun and he loves to share them.


- If Communications: Practicum Student, February – April, 2020
- RGD Designathon: Design Challenge – September, 2019
- Saint Bernadine Mission Communications:
Mentorship Project, January – April, 2019
- Capilano University IDEA Program:
2016 – 2020


Practicum Week 2:
Some Adjustments Needed
Practicum Week 3:
Hard Week and Hard Lessons
Practicum Week 4:
Working From Home
Practicum Week 5:
In My Ivory Tower
Practicum Week 6:
The Show Must Go On
Practicum Week 7:
To The Finish Line